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Social Media Marketing


The Social Media landscape continues to grow and develop at an astronomical rate with Facebook, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Google + and Twitter dominating the marketplace in the UK. This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are literally millions of social communities within hundreds of thousands of websites, all with large and proactive online communities of consumers and business owners looking to interact and discover your company, its brand and its products and services. Allowing you to directly market and interact with these communities helps to build your online reputation, establish your business as an authority and improves brand, product and service exposure.

SEO influence of Social Media Marketing

The importance and influence of social media has now crossed over into the natural search marketplace, not only is social media marketing an excellent channel for developing new visitors, Google is currently using social popularity as a ranking signal within the Google search algorithm. Social Media Marketing is now an even more important part of the marketing mix and should be used in conjunction with a strong SEO strategy in order to develop natural search growth. A strong social media presence will have a positive impact on SEO and organic Google ranking, as well as increasing brand exposure and driving visitor traffic. This is where we come in, our unique approach to SEO and Social Media Marketing forms an intuitive and cohesive strategy which is designed to improve online exposure and brand awareness as well as establishing your company as an authority and developing a marketable community of users around your brand.


How Can We Help?


Twitter Marketing

We can fully manage and develop your company's Twitter campaign, design and develop a unique Twitter identity and actively recruit new followers to your account, developing your company's reach. We also offer a consultancy service and can help to manage inhouse Twitter campaigns as well as establishing best practices and implementing an ongoing strategy.

Facebook Marketing

We offer a full Facebook management service, actively marketing and developing a relationship with your community and proactively recruiting new “likes”. We build bespoke Facebook pages and apps as well as running Facebook competitions and polls. We also provide a consultancy service and work with inhouse marketing teams to develop an ongoing Facebook marketing strategy.

Social Media Monitoring

Understanding the effectiveness of your social campaign is of immense importance, understanding who is talking about you and why is essential! Monitoring your social presence allows you to proactively and reactively reply to both negative and positive comments about your brand. Giving the ability to understand and monitor sentiment will help to prevent negative issues from taking hold and provide your company with a proactive voice to target and develop your online influence and reputation. We can provide both a managed service or consult on the implementation of an inhouse solution.

Social Media Consultancy

Social Media Marketing is at its most effective when managed by an inhouse team, we can oversee the development and the integration of an inhouse strategy as well as creating, formulating and managing the ongoing monthly workflow. From Twitter and Facebook consultancy through to the creation of a complex social marketing strategy, we provide a valuable resource, which is designed to compliment your company's existing marketing team.