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Search Engine Optimisation


So what is search engine optimisation and why is it so important for my business?

Definition: “SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of improving and increasing the volume of exposure and visitor traffic a website can receive through an organic search engine (e.g.Google, Yahoo and Bing), for relevant and targeted keyword searches. Keyword ranking or listing position is governed via an organic algorithm which determines the ranking and relevance of the website. The higher a site ranks for a keyword search, the larger the volume of exposure and visitor traffic a site will receive.”

Creative SEO.

A Unique Approach to Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines are a huge resource of information with results and indexed content tailored to consumers and business users. The sheer volume of indexed information is beyond imagination, with search engines carefully working to improve their services by filtering and delivering more and more relevant and specific results to their users. It’s now even more important than ever for a business to keep up to date with search engine algorithm changes and to understand how a search engine will index and list a company website. Without SEO a website will potentially be completely invisible to its target audience, search users will not be able to find the company under qualified keyword searches within the company’s search engine marketplace.

So what makes Creative SEO unique? We understand how search engines work, how they index and list websites and how they determine where a site ranks for a keyword search. It’s our ability to understand your business, research and discover how users search and find your company’s products and services, which makes our SEO strategies so very successful. We work to develop and maximise our client’s online exposure, we qualify search users through keyword research and deliver high converting potential customers to your business.

Search engine optimisation increases the visibility of your business and placing your company directly in front of your target audience; can you afford to ignore such a huge and influential marketplace?


How Can SEO Help?

Improve the Reach of Your Business

Targeting your company’s website content to high performing groups of keywords and search terms will increase your online exposure and place your company directly in front of users searching for your company’s products and services.

Discover New Markets

We analyse your company’s business marketplace, research and investigate your competition and understand the potential reach of your business. We use our findings to undertake a detailed keyword analysis, discovering new search markets which increase your company's online exposure.

Build Brand Exposure

SEO builds brand exposure through natural search marketplace saturation; by fully search engine optimising your company’s website, potential customers will see your company’s indexed pages within search results for a wide variety of relevant and associated keywords and search terms, developing brand familiarity which will increase potential conversion and visitor traffic.

SEO = Enquires + Sales

We use SEO to place your business website directly in front of your target audience, developing your company’s organic online presence and increasing online exposure. We make sure your site can be found by the right people, qualifying search engine users through keyword discovery and targeting high converting keywords and search terms, which results in higher volumes of visitor traffic and increased enquiries and sales conversion.

So How do we Work?

We work hard to understand a business, its competition and the potential marketplace, understanding and identifying how potential customers search and discover your business and its products or services. Our initial research forms the core of our strategies, we believe in developing a solid and broad reaching strategy which grows with the business developing exposure and popularity. We are focused on delivering a return on investment, increasing revenue and enquiries by targeting  high performing and relevant search terms which generate qualified visitor traffic. A typical SEO Strategy will include: 


  • Marketplace Discovery
  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Listing Analysis
  • Popularity & Link Presence
  • SEO Compliancy Testing
  • Onsite SEO
  • Link Building & Management


We can provide either fixed budget or bespoke SEO strategies, tailored to fulfill a single marketing objective or to offer complete marketplace exposure. For more information and to find out more about how we can help to improve your site's SEO strategy, please feel free to contact us.